René Préval. Image by Ariana Cubillos. Source: Associated Press

As of yesterday, the long-awaited results of Haiti's February 7 elections are in: René Préval has won with 51.15% of the vote, with 96% of votes counted. After ballots were found in a garbage dump and pro-Préval protesters "paralyzed" Port-au-Prince with demonstrations, charging the interim government with electoral fraud, the decision was made to allocate blank ballots on a pro-rated basis to each candidate, so as to arrive at a resolution of the increasingly explosive situation. Now, as protests turn to celebrations, questions as to Préval's plans are emerging: will he bring Aristide back to Haiti out of exile, despite opposition of global powers? Will he remain true to his popular base, or realign himself with imperialist interests under economic pressure? Will he join the self-described Castro-Chavez-Morales "axis of good" in Latin America? What of the continued presence of MINUSTAH in Haiti, hundreds of political prisoners, and widespread human rights violations at the hands of the security force and Haitian police?


Blogger theBhc said...

These are some good questions and one I expected we will begin to see answers to soon. If Preval is the good guy we think he is, it would be expected that he would release the prisoners, boot MINUSTAH out (or rather request their withdrawal), etc.

Preval will likey suffer the same problems with the Group of 184 that Aristide did. They might diappear for awhile, but if Preval starts enacting a social agenda as per Aristide, this won't sit well.

It would be nice, for once, to see the US actually support a democracy in Haiti rather than aid the bidding of this band of anti-democratic elitists. But, the likihood of that seem remote, at best.

Thanks for the pointer to Farmer's book.


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Blogger a.c. said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts, thebhc!

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