Think cyberspace could use a little gender parity? Wondering where all the feminist and pro-feminist bloggers hang out? Take a look at the BlogsByWomen Blogroll (links on sidebar). From a teenaged university student who is thinking aloud in Kuwait, to a twenty-something butch lesbian physics graduate student searching for her truth in Texas; from a 49-year old woman reporting on her struggles for her marriage to be legally recognized in Rochester, New York, to a woman who's lost her mother to breast cancer and is sending the world postcards of grief; from the semantically driven to the philoillogical (the latter has a great critique of the misogynist drivel in today's National Post); from sisters talk (which today reviews the first televised beauty pageant for fat women in the U.S.), to talking to god -- navigate using the links on the sidebar. And be sure to check out the BlogsByWomen Directory for even more exciting blogs by women -- these are some of my favourites (mind you, I've only just started exploring): decksitter's photoblog, brown rab girl fish, renaissance culinaire, transcending gender, pinko feminist hellcat, the green lantern. Link to the BlogsbyWomen 'roll because blogs by women rock!


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