My friends A.R. and M.M. are in Dawson City, on the last legs of their cross-Kanada McCleave Suitcase Gallery Tour: they curated a travelling cross-country exhibit of art works on the theme of "Trade and Exchange" that fit into the interiors of suitcases. On their Montréal stop, I was lucky to catch the opening show here, featuring the work of local artist Kit Malo (which was about Montreal icon Louis Cyr and the gentrification of a working-class neighbourhood, St-Henri) as well as the other suitcases they'd collected along the way (starting in Halifax, Nova Scotia). They're keeping a blog documenting their travels to various art communities (big and small) and their misadventures (like when their van got broken into in Winnipeg, and all the suitcases were stolen! Luckily, the thief didn't think they had a high resale value and stashed them under a random porch nearby) - definitely worth a look (link on sidebar). And there are apparently plans for a European McCleave Suitcase Gallery Tour when A.R. leaves her home in Toronto to study cultural theory in Amsterdam.

P.S. [02.08.2005] In fact, the second installment will take place here in Canada. To submit bookworks for consideration to the Second McCleave Suitcase Gallery Tour, on the theme of lineage, take a look at the call for submissions.


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